An excerpt from the book, Louisiana’s Sacred Places: Churches, Cemeteries and Voodoo

Stark shadows and amber light cast orbs of life inside the Covington cemetery, rows and rows, the names, the legends, a life reduced to a single stone. The Cemetery celebrates a living history of Covington pioneers, heroes and those fleeing epidemics from other cities.


The stoic beauty resides on Columbia Street in the shadows of the St. Tammany Justice Center and Covington City Hall. On Saturday mornings, shoppers carrying tote bags walk along the cemetery’s wrought iron fence inspecting the farmers’ tables for their weekly shopping.

Covington cemetery gate cover shot b&w watermark

In 2008, thanks to the ladies of Covington and other proud citizens, the cemetery celebrated the addition of a black wrought iron fence and gate capped by circled crosses.


Fall leaves blanket a stoic line of crosses in the Covington Cemetery.