Cemetery Trails

Follow a trail of history and mystery across the US and beyond


Do you love strolling through cemeteries? Then you have found heaven on earth. Cemetery Trails takes you on a journey, a trail of history and mystery across the south and east coast.

Be it reading epitaphs, listening to the call of ravens or photographing the funerary architecture, we all share a common ground. And this is just the beginning…

Imagine a trail that begins in New Orleans, a stroll through the most elite cemeteries, a tour of the world’s finest cityscapes inside the cities of the dead. Their final abodes dressed in an eclectic musing of ancient Greece and Rome designs dashed with exotic lines of India, Egypt and the Orient.


Then step inside another world, one of pauper graves with crooked wooden crosses shaded by great oaks and long strands of weeping moss. These cemeteries are equally rich in their own unique heritage and traditions of Africa and the Caribbean.


Travel south along the coastal towns filled with country churchyards, centuries-old tombs and a romantic lair of emerald forests rising from dark-stained waters.

Across the gnarled forests are the jubilant melodies of exotic birds and the echoes of hawks hunting their prey. Follow a trail of forbidding beauty veiled by dark shadows and marbled pools of light.

Discover the trill of that first moment stepping inside a new world of immense artistry and blissful silence; it is here you will find a delightful mix of poetic prose and stoic photos.


Each click leaves you wanting more. Cemetery Trails will also visit those who share their stories, those moments when you feel that presence, when the spirits reach out to those care.

Come back often because Cemetery Trails features a new blog post every week.

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