Cemetery Trails

Follow a trail of history and mystery across the US and beyond

How it began…

A trail of history and mystery…

My journey began in New Orleans, my birth place and my muse. After raising my family, I returned to college, Tulane University, gaining a degree in Media Arts. I began building a career in writing and photography, and developed a passion for historic architecture.

In my travels of this most sacred city I found a cemetery around every corner. And so began my love, my obsession with funerary architecture.

People from all over the world come to view New Orleans’ Cities of the Dead, and rightly so as you will see and learn in the Louisiana Cemeteries Trail.

It was my training ground for a new journey, a trail of history and mystery, a trail of passion, a trail of discovery…it was time to travel my state, my south, my country and the world.

I brought this beauty to the page in four books, each chronicling the beauty and history in my home state of Louisiana and across the south. What I call my Sacred Places collection.

And now it’s time to share this extraordinary Cemetery Trail with you!

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